A Girl Named Truth

Alethea began writing her memoir, A Girl Named Truth, while she was a graduate student at Goddard College. What began as a fictionalized narrative of broken friendships, gradually morphed into a journey of truth. A Girl Named Truth is a story of loss, love and awakening the silenced voice of truth. Alethea is currently seeking publication for her memoir.

The Labyrinth

The first in a series of three books titled Six Champions of LightThe Labyrinth explores the world of metaphysics and magic through the lives of six young teens. Aponi, Ari, Sula, Dell, Lupe and Shesha share the ability to travel into the hidden realms and shape-shift into their totem animals. Their paths intersect in the world of their dreams, then at Mystic Lake, where they find themselves inside of a mysterious labyrinth filled with darkness and light. Here the six teens join together to embark upon a  transformative journey that will make them face their deepest fears, and work together for a purpose much greater than saving their own lives.