A Journey to Truth

Inner Truth Healing & Yoga arose from my healing journey as I came to realize my physical and emotional wellbeing was being compromised by trying to live a life that was not in alignment with my inherent truths.

My work as a yoga instructor, energy healer, intuitive guide, and writer all focus on helping others discover their inner truths, leading to a deeper connection to the state of joy.

A desire to help today’s youth live more mindful and authentic lives led to the creation of the Warriors of Light visionary fiction series. The first book of which, The Labyrinth, is available on paperback and ebook form. My own healing journey is told through the lens of a hybrid text of erasure poetry, photographs, and narratives in A Girl Named Truth.

As well as holding an MFA in creative writing from Goddard College, I am a certified Reiki master/teacher, a RYT200 Hatha Yoga teacher, an EMYoga (Energy Medicine Yoga) Foundations teacher, and a third-degree initiate and graduate of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness. I have studied the art of tarot reading for more than a decade.