A Journey to Truth

aletheaWhen I discovered the meaning of my name as a young child, I decided to make it my beacon. Truth, I came to realize many years later, is not simply being honest to others. It is, more importantly, not lying to yourself.

Individual truth is subjective and often tangled with fear. When we strip away the trappings of fear, both our own and other’s, we arrive at a more universal Truth that is inherent. As we start to recognize and embrace this Truth, we find unity, peace, and balance. We find the Light that is always within.

Unwrapping our individual truths from those we have been raised on, and from the various truths defined by the society around us, is not often easy. It took me two years of suffering from debilitating IBS as a young mother to realize that I had wrapped my own truths inside fear.

On Mother’s Day of 2008, I decided I needed to heal, and so I began my journey of unwrapping the stories held within my body. I enrolled in Goddard College’s low-residency MFA program the following winter, and began to  write my memoir,  A Girl Named Truth, exploring, in the process, the damage and pain that can arise from silencing one’s voice to protect the secrets and truths of those we love.

While I uncovered my truths through writing out my stories, I delved into my physical, emotional, and spiritual being. The foundation of truths I was raised on, including the atheist beliefs of my family, were called into question as I followed the path of my heart.  I began to study metaphysics, energy healing, and the mysteries. In the process I became a certified Reiki master, a RYT200 yoga teacher, and EMYoga (energy medicine yoga) Foundations teacher and a third-degree initiate and graduate of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness.

Although I work with people of all ages in my healing, yoga & mindfulness practice, I am particularly passionate about helping children and teens find their individual voices of truth. My newest book, The Labyrinth, is the first in the Warriors of Light visionary fiction series written for people ages nine and older who seek a deeper understanding of themselves and the universe. Through the narrative journeys of six shape-shifting teens tasked with a mission to heal the lines of energy in Earth, and in the process, themselves, children of all ages can explore metaphysical truths in a path towards self-discovery. The book includes a glossary, reading guide, and a link to a companion website WarriorsOfLight.Club.