aletheaWhen I learned the meaning of my name as a young child, I decided to make it my beacon. As I grew, I discovered that “truth” can be subjective, but there is a deeper, universal Truth, that is inherent. When we start to recognize and embrace this Truth, we find unity, peace, and balance. We find the Light within.

On Mother’s Day of 2008, after enduring two years of debilitating IBS, I realized I the need to heal my individual truths and seek the Light within. My spiritual and healing journey led me to write my memoir,  A Girl Named Truth, and to delve into the study of metaphysics.

I opened the doors to Inner Truth Healing in 2012. Through distant and in-person sessions, I offer intuitive guidance, energy work and channeled messages from spirit to help others live their inner truths.

In April of 2018, I became a Third-Degree Graduate of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness and completed my RYT200 certification to be a yoga teacher. These two paths have deepened my inner journey, as well as my offerings to help others heal, discover, and nurture their own life paths.

My newest book, The Labyrinth, was released in July 2018. The first in the Warriors of Light metaphysical fantasy series, The Labyrinth introduces six gifted teenagers who have been tasked with a mission to repair the lines of energy in Earth. The series is designed to help children of all ages find and embrace their inner truths/gifts.