aletheaWhen I learned the meaning of my name as a young child, I decided to make it my beacon. As I grew, I discovered that “truth” can be subjective, but there is a deeper, universal Truth, that is inherent. When we start to recognize and embrace this Truth, we find unity, peace and balance. We find the Light within.

On Mother’s Day of 2008, after enduring two years of debilitating IBS, I realized I the need to heal my individual truths and seek the Light within. My spiritual and healing journey led me to write my memoir,  A Girl Named Truth, and to delve into the study of metaphysics. My business, Inner Truth Healing, evolved after I became a Master/Teacher of Shamballa Multidimensional Healing.

Now I devote my non-writing and motherhood time to helping others heal and discover the deeper Truth within.

My current writing project involves a series of books for young adults that contains metaphysical teachings in a fantasy setting. As a life-student of the mysteries, I am in my third year of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness and am studying yoga with the intention of integrating it into my healing practice.

Once I year I journey to England, the home of my heart, and immerse myself in the magic of the land.