Classes & Events

As a certified hatha yoga and EMYoga (energy medicine yoga) foundations teacher, my classes combine the postures of traditional yoga with the enhancements of energy medicine yoga. These gentle, all-levels classes are currently being taught online and in-person at the locations listed below. Each yoga class incorporates meridian strengthening and balancing techniques and may include self-held acupressure points, neurolymphatic clearing, and chakra balancing. To learn more about my classes, please follow me via my newsletter, or drop by this page for updates. Contact me to bring a tailored EMYoga event to your studio, school, or place of work. I offer EMYoga workshops and classes for all ages with a focus on stress management, better sleep, energy balancing and overall health and well-being.

Winter 2023 Workshops & Events

 The Labyrinth Book Discussion & Yoga School Vacation Series

Using The Labyrinth by Alethea Kehas as our guide, we’ll explore the nature of our unique gifts and systems of guidance in the following workshops. You can register for the entire series, or per class. 

When: February school vacation week, February 27-March 2, 1-2:30 pm Monday – Thursday  

Where: Blossom Yoga & Wellness, 120 N. Main St., Concord, NH

Cost: $70 /series or $20/class *Series price includes an autographed copy of The Labyrinth. If you are under 18 and would like to bring a guardian with you, the guardian may attend free of charge. Participants under 18 must have a waiver filled out and signed by their guardian. Children under 10 must have a guardian with them for the workshops.

Monday Meet Your Power Animals: After a short EMYoga class and guided meditation, we’ll settle in to explore our power animals. Using The Labyrinth characters as examples, we’ll learn how animals can help to guide and support us. Please take some time observing what “animals” (mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds and insects) appear in your awareness through dreams or daily life and make a note of them over the week or so before the workshop, as well as if an animal appears to you more than once in a short span of time. Participants will be able to choose a soapstone animal to take home.

*Please bring with you a yoga mat, water, notepad & writing utensil, as well as a list of the animals that have appeared recently in our life.

Tuesday Tune into Your Energy Body: We may not be able to shapeshift into our power animals, but there are many things the protagonists in The Labyrinth can do that we can do. We’ll explore what it means to be a body of energy, including how to ground, strengthen, clear and protect our energy bodies using EMYoga and other techniques. Participants will be able to choose a polished crystal/stone to take home. 

*Please bring with you a yoga mat, water, notepad & writing utensil

Walk in Wonder Wednesday: Free! Join us for a nature walk at Winant Park in Concord where we’ll explore the concept of living in wonder. During this meditative walk, we’ll open our senses to observe our relationship with the natural world. Please feel free to take notes as you walk regarding what you see, hear, and feel. We’ll try to be as silent as possible on the way up the hill so we can tune in fully to our senses and the world around us. At the top of the hill we’ll gather to share and enjoy the view, have our snacks, and then head back down.

*We recommend bringing with you a water bottle and a light snack. Please dress appropriately for the hike and the weather.

Trust Your Intuition Thursday: Do you listen to your internal guide? How do you know when your intuition is telling you something? Can you find examples in The Labyrinth that illustrate how the characters have followed their inner wisdom? How did it help them? We’ll talk about ways to check-in with your inner knowing to find support and guidance and how it relates to our individual “gifts” and visions for our lives as we create our own “Who I AM” collages.

*Please bring with you a pair of scissors and any recycled or natural materials you would like to share to create your vision boards, such as old magazines, flyers, found feathers, cards, etc. Be creative! We’ll supply poster board, extra scissors, markers, and glue sticks.

Weekly In-Person Yoga Classes

Alternating Sundays at 9am at  43 Degrees North Fitness Club, 2 Home Ave, Concord, NH 

Wednesdays at 8am at  43 Degrees North Fitness Club, 2 Home Ave, Concord, NH 

Thursdays at 8:30am at Good Life  254 North State Street in Concord, NH (in-person or Zoom)

Fridays at 8:30am in Bow, NH, please contact me for details at (in-person or Zoom)


Online Yoga Classes

Fridays at 8:30 am: Gentle EMYoga via Zoom Register below or email


8-Week Zoom Yoga Series: Jan-Feb 2023

Purchase the 8-week series of Gentle EMYoga classes on Zoom ($10 savings). If you are not already a part of Inner Truth Healing and Yoga’s mailing list, you will be added to it to receive the Zoom link to join the classes.


1-Class of Zoom Gentle EMYoga

Pay-per-class and join a gentle EMYoga Zoom class at your convenience. If you are not already a part of Inner Truth Healing and Yoga’s mailing list, you will be added to it to receive the Zoom link to join the classes.


*Minors must be accompanied by an adult and all participants must complete a signed waiver for all live classes. You are responsible for your own health and Inner Truth Healing & Yoga encourages you to consult your physician before beginning yoga classes. For yoga classes: please have a yoga mat, water, and wear comfortable clothing. Prepayment must be made prior to the start of classes or workshops. Inner Truth Healing Studio is not handicapped accessible, but most of the third party sites where I teach classes are. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with your questions.