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The Labyrinth, A Visionary Fiction Adventure for ages 9 and up


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A mysterious labyrinth has appeared in the dreams of six teens, luring them into its darkness. The darkness threatens to destroy them and the planet. Together they must unleash the powers of their totem animals and overcome their deepest fears to bring back the light. Will the teens unlock the gifts of their animal selves before it is too late?

Learn more about The Labyrinth and why I am writing the Warriors of Light series to empower young readers by watching my interview with  Barney Smith at the Story Comic podcast

Praise for The Labyrinth

 “I read your book: Warriors of light book one: The Labyrinth, and I loved it! I would rate it five out of five stars, and I can’t wait to read the next book! I know some people didn’t like the alternating points of views in the book, but I really liked the way you did it. It was very helpful to put the pronunciations for the names in the first chapters, if you didn’t I probably would have been saying them wrong the entire time. I love how you thought of unique names for the characters, not a lot of authors think of unique names! I think it is awesome how you put Ari’s grandmother’s spirit in a crow’s body. My favorite thing was that the six chosen all had an animal form or spirit animal relating to their characteristics and personalities. It was very cool how they can turn into their animal forms while they weren’t in the labyrinth, and how they use telepathy to communicate. All in all I loved the book, and can’t wait for the next!!! — J. Lee, age 13

“One of the most amazing books for teens and grown ups! “Must have” in every private, school or public library. Fascinating story. Love the style it’s written – hard to put it down. So many lessons, truth, high values and just such wonderful energy! Thoroughly enjoyed every moment spending with it.” — Natasha 

“This is a beautifully written book that can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates adventurers who work to improve themselves and their situations with courage and intelligence. As characters the youngsters show up well in the various situations they find themselves yet not without having to battle their personal demons. I enjoyed it that the violence was not out of proportion to the story, and that there wasn’t a lot of silly “teen age” behavior. Best of all, I felt was the interesting way the author presented nuggets of the Ancient Wisdom, those principles that guide us to our best selves. I can’t wait to see the next book!” — T. Halpert

“The Labyrinth is a beautiful metaphysical journey that will appeal to kids who like fantasy and magic. It has at its core an exploration of our relationship with the Earth, and how we each have a shadow side (our fears) that we must be willing to face in order to understand how we can heal ourselves and our planet. The language is beautiful and accessible, the characters diverse and engaging, and the story invites kids to ponder their place in the larger web of life, without being “preachy”… I deeply appreciate the author’s mission to help kids dive below the surface in an age where it’s easy to get lost in the technological and material world.” — C. Goff

A Girl Named Truth, A memoir of love, loss, & the healing power of truth


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We all seek to find our inner voice of truth. We all yearn to heal and find love. A Girl Named Truth follows one women’s journey to find her voice of truth. A voice that was suppressed through family secrets and lies, and the author’s yearning for unconditional love. In this story of loss and love, a girl named “truth” unwraps the stories trapped inside of her to heal the physical and emotional effects of silencing.

Learn more about why I wrote A Girl Named Truth and how writing it helped heal my IBS on episode 88 of Steve Silverman’s “World Gone Good” podcast. 

The memoir is available on Amazon,, or inquire at your local indie bookstore. Personalized copies may also be ordered directly through me.

Praise for A Girl Named Truth

“I found this book impossible to put down from the moment I began reading. It was easy to relate and connect to the author as she unveiled the stories of her past and the hopes she held for her future. As I read the final lines of this beautifully written book, I had tears in my eyes and love in my heart for a girl named truth.” — Danielle Thomas

“Beautifully written, honest memoir that I devoured in one night. Incredible story highlighting the resilience of the human spirit and finding peace in your own life’s journey.” — Melissa Biagiotti

“An absolutely compelling memoir about family, what is the “truth”, and finding your footing in both love and family. It was a hypnotic read; I couldn’t put this book down. Truly recommend it.” — IJR

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