Inner Truth Healing

In 2012 I opened  Inner Truth Healing, a sanctuary for healing and self-discovery in Bow, NH. I am a certified Master/Teacher of Shamballa Multidimensional Energy Healing (a form of Reiki), which I channel to help individuals and groups find balance and align with the truth within. I work with all ages, offering in-person and distant energy healing, intuitive guidance and readings and messages from Spirit.

My studio (pictured below) offers a wonderful environment for in-person sessions, as well as healing-centered and writing workshops. I often invite fellow healers and light-workers into my space to lead workshops and co-teach. A more detailed listing of my services can be found below:

Inner Truth Healing Studio, Bow, NH
Inner Truth Healing Studio

I offer a variety of healing services and classes, including:

  • Energy healing combined with Channeled Messages (in-person or distant) — $80
  • Chakra balancing with tuning fork and energy healing — $80
  • Channeled Messages from Spirit: A distant offering that includes a written copy of channeled messages from your spirit team — $80
  • Card readings (in-person or distant) — $10/card
  • Space/house clearings — $80/hr + $30/hr for travel time
  • Spirit-guided writing assistance/editing — $60/hr
  • Healing yoga classes (contact me for details)

To book a session, to inquire about holding a workshop with me, or to learn more about my services, please email me at, or call 603-233-1846. I accept PayPal, cash and credit cards (via Flint or PayPal).


Alethea, you are so open and available to all of those of the divine realm I so appreciate you doing your work! Blessings for all the insight, encouragement and truth you brought forward to me. It definitely makes a difference knowing all of this, blessings dear one. Wow just wow! It ALL rings true. – Judy H

My experience receiving Reiki from Alethea Kehas was superb. She is intuitive, sensitive, and gifted. Her knowledge of various methods of energy work enhances the experience you have when Alethea treats you. In my session, she started with her instincts and then asked me questions and used crystals on a particularly stubborn area. Afterward, I felt relieved and refreshed. I highly recommend an energy session with Alethea Kehas.

– Rebecca Cleary, Reiki Master

I’ll admit I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially over the phone, but the experience was incredible. I was taken aback by how physical the sensations were and the sense of calm, peace and even euphoria that stayed with me long after the session.

— Ashleigh, CT

I love my phone energy healings with Alethea. During the session itself, I feel very calm, safe, and supported. The best stuff, though, comes 24-48 hours after. The energy release that happens the morning after the healing is intense. Sometimes it is an emotional response; sometimes I can actually feel the negativity leaking out of me as if through a drain. So be ready. Meditating after working with Alethea is easier and more effective. I get so much more from my meditating, even my dreams tell me more. Awesome stuff.

— Larissa,  Seattle, WA